Sunday, August 15, 2010

System of Advance Blank Cheque to C&F and Depots

Nowadays, most of the Pharma companies are taking blank cheques in advance along with the indents from their dealers. This is to draw attention on following points-

  1. There should be a man of CA or MBA level at C&F or depot of company to fill up the blank cheque provided by the dealer so as chances of mistakes may be minimized, as the blank cheque is the honor instrument of dealer in companies hand, which should be handled most carefully.
  2. Many more cases are seen, where most of the companies are having neither culture nor having appropriate person to fill up the dealer's blank cheque, resulting in many more unwanted complications between dealers and company. In most of the cases this also results unusual load on judicial courts resulting in National loss also, only due to negligence in filling the blank cheques at CFA or Depot level.
आज का उवाच-
गरीबो को लाभ पहुचाने के लिए हमारी सरकार ने ऊची कीमत पर अन्न ख़रीदा, आज करोड़ो  का अन्न सड़ रहा है और गरीब भूखे मर रहे है.  

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